About Us


Hey there! 

Welcome to the faces behind the shop! My name is Makenzie Jones and that is my husband, Walker, and our sweet Harper girl.

A little bit about us:
We live in Idaho Falls, Idaho and love it!

- We met when we were 12 and 13 and have been lovers ever since!

- Walker graduated with a Bachelors in Business and I graduated with a Bachelors in Graphic Design.



The shop officially opened in September of 2018 and is located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. It all started because I have a love for little kids and a love for creativity and when you combine the two, a children's clothing store just felt natural for me. It's a creative outlet for me as I select fabrics and designs for new products, but also a way for me to help support my little family while being able to stay home to raise my own kids.

The name for the shop stemmed from my last name, Jones. Jo is short for Jones and I stuck the word 'little' in front of it because it's all about products for the kiddos. 

The items available in the shop are all handmade. We value style, comfort, quality, and convenience. Since the shop is still in its beginning stages, a lot of transforming is taking place while new types of products are continually being introduced. We hope to keep growing our inventory of items to bring you more children's products as we build our shop. 



I just want to say thank you for your support. Each purchase truly feels like a personal cheerleader, encouraging me to continue this passion of mine.